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Founder/CEO Chairman
Director of Operations

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Chief Communications Officer
Assistant Director/Public Relations

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Chief Academics Officer
Director of Education & Child Safety

I'm so excited and proud to be the one to take on the task as Director of Education & Child Safety for Alabama Alliance for Human Trafficking and child safety. It is hard and challenging for many of us to understand and accept. Conservative figures indicate that about 500,000 children are active every day in any way, but that the real numbers could be closer to 1.2 million.  While some are nabbed by kidnapping, they found that they are often recruited through places like Boys and Girls Clubs and even churches. The U.S. is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. Only 1% of these crimes are ever reported, and sometimes up to three decades after they occur when the evidence is much more difficult to uncover or follow. He said that even suburban children from supposedly stable homes are not safe since they can be recruited without the parents' knowledge. Children who are withdrawn, loners, children who do not have the best relationship with their parents" can be targets for recruitment, The average age of the children is 12-15 years and that their life expectancy can be very short. Many die, he reported, from abuse, drug overdoses, or even suicide. We at Alabama Alliance for Human Trafficking and Child Safety want to spread our message of hope and compassion. My goals are to increase awareness among students of sex trafficking, recognize at-risk young people and potential victims, and provide students and parents with the ability to prevent, identify, and respond to human trafficking. We believe that a single decision will make a difference in the world and that concerted action can have a huge effect. Along with many others, our team will work tirelessly every day through advocacy and outreach activities in order to give their share to the common good.

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Chief Financial Officer

I am extremely excited and passionate about being a part of this mission to educate the public and bring awareness concerning our children! This is a real problem that I have experienced and seen personally. I have known this team that David Humphrey has put together for many years and know where each of our hearts lies. I am proud to call them family! I look forward to being a part of something larger than ourselves and making a real impact in our communities.

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Chief Information Officer
Director of Marketing

In the beginning, we are working towards informing everyday hard-working people that this problem even exists, because most do not know. By working with local businesses who see the same issues that need to be addressed and want to help they can help to spread the word. Our public events sometimes hosted at or by these businesses help to reach a broader array of people from different parts of our communities. They help to bring awareness to our children, parents, and families who could be facing these issues right now and not know what to do.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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